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Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) plugin

Google Catcha (reCAPTCHA) will protect your Word Press website forms against spam and yet allow real people pass through. The plugin can be implemented in Login forms, Registration forms, Comments, and much more.

This post will present how to setup the Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) plugin.

First step is to Install the plugin Google Captcha

1) WP Admin page – Menu on the LEFT side of page SELECT Plugins tab.

2) Now search the the Plugins page on TOP LEFT and Select Add new tab.

3) Further on the NEW PLUGINS page, go to TOP RIGHT and under the Search field type google captcha. After this look for the Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) plugin.

4) Install the plugin and in any case do not forget to ACTIVATE it.

5) WP Admin page – Menu on the LEFT side of page SELECT Google Captcha

6) Given that the Settings Tab will open by default.

To activate Google Captcha you will need the SITE KEY (A) and SECRET KEY (B).

C) Click Get the API Keys to move further and generate them.

7) Sign in to your Google Account OR Create a new one (Click on More options).

8) After you sign in to Google proceed and Register your Word Press website.

9) When the registration process will be completed you will have access to copy the newly generated Site key and Secret key to the Word Press website – Google reCAPTCHA Setings.

10) Under Authentification Enter the Site key and Secret Key to the fields.

On General tab checkup the boxes you want to enable.

Use Hide reCAPTCHA for tab if you want to hide the reCATPCHA for certain users roles.

Select reCAPTCHA Version (same version you selected on Google when registered your website). On the sample image (above at point 8) was Version 2.

Select the Theme Light OR Dark.

Whitelist Notification tab leave as is (the message will be displayed for peoples IP who are recorded in the Whitelist – Left side of page menu – the third tab under Google Captcha tab. The white list will not have to pass a reCATPCHA verification.

Select Disable Submit Button if you want to wait for reCAPTCHA to be loaded (recomanded).

Click Save Changes button.

11) Click Test reCaptcha button.

Select I’m not a robot check box and then click on Test verification button.

If all goes good you will receive the message The verification is successfully completed.
Click Save Changes button – Top right of page.


12) If you have IP’s that you TRUST and want to remove reCAPTCHA verification for them complete the Whitelist page.
WP Admin page – Menu on the LEFT side of page under Google Captcha plugin tab select the third option – Whitelist.

Click Add New button and enter the IP. (You can add your IP by clicking My IP checkbox).
Click Add IP to list button.

All Done!
Your Word Press website is now AN EXTRA STEP stronger against brutal force intrusion.

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