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OPTIMIZE the WordPress website Database

A small brieff over some of the features:
• Removes all unnecessary data (e.g. trashed/unapproved/spam comments, stale data) with a single click.
• Compact/de-fragment MySQL tables.
• Detailed control over which optimizations you wish to run.
• Mobile friendly and very easy-to-use.

If you want to OPTIMIZE your WordPress website Database and have an effective tool for automatically cleaning your tables so that it runs at maximum efficiency, here is the way to do it.

Install the plugin WP-Optimize

1) WP Admin page – Menu on the LEFT side of page SELECT Plugins tab.

2) Inside the Plugins page go on TOP LEFT and Select Add new tab.

3) On the page for NEW PLUGINS Search go to TOP RIGHT and type wp-optimize on the search field. Look for the WP-Optimize plugin.

4) Install the plugin and do not forget to ACTIVATE it after.
5) WP Admin page – Menu on the LEFT side of page SELECT WP-OPTIMIZE

6) (Backup FIRST) and finally Configure the options you want and next run the tasks. You can do that by selecting the “Run all selected optimizations” tab OR by Clicking the buttons for each task one by one (right side of table).

After you run the tasks read the messages displayed besides each one. If necessary run again some of them.

All done! Your WordPress database will be much faster now.

• It is a good practice to run WP_OPTIMIZE after you uninstall any plugin.
Usually even when the plugin folder is deleted from the server and you have a message saying “All data removed”, there is a big chance you have information related to that plugin left in the database. Most of cases if you reinstall the plugin you will see that some setups done before are still active.
• By running WP-Optimize you can fix some issues related to a plugin.
– Uninstall the plugin.
– Run WP_OPTIMIZE to clear the redundant info from data base.
– Reinstall the plugin.

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