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Fix New SSD when not displayed under Windows

When your New SSD is not displayed under Windows but on the other hand you are able to see it in BIOS follow the steps below to get a fix.

1) First be sure the new SSD drive it is correct connected.

2) After that go and Boot you computer and Login to Windows.

3) Next open the Administrative Tools panel.
Click on Start – Bottom left of page and type: administrative tools in the Search field.
Select the Administrative Tools App.

4) Then on the new window look under the column “Name” for Windows Memory Diagnostic service (probably will be at the bottom of table).

Double click on it.

5) Next select the Restart now and check for problems (recommended) tab.

6)After this the computer will reboot and additionally the test will start.

7) Finally when the test will be completed, the computer will reboot again.
After reboot and after Windows login step, you will see a report about your SSD or HDD status.
Since the report do not display any bad issues, you should be able to see the newly installed SSD.

at last if the Disk is UNALLOCATED you have to initialize and partition it.

This article is applicable in the situation when a New SSD is not displayed under Windows ONLY.

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