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GET your own
domain name

Your web presence will require a domain name. The domain name is like your home address but related to the WEB. It will translate your IP address to easy to remember words what will be communicated to a DNS server.

Next we will explain How to GET your own domain name.

You can get your domain name in the process of opening a new hosting account.
Most of cases there will be A FREE DOMAIN REGISTRATION offered when open a new hosting account.
To see some offers please go to How to select your Web Hosting providers post.

1) Navigate to GoDaddy website. ( )
2) Type your domain name in the search domain field.

3) If the domain name it is available you will be prompted so and you can proceed to cart

4) If you do not want to add any other options click on “Scroll down to continue to cart”

5) Click “Continue with this options” button on bottom of page


  • A) Select period (minimum one year).
  • B) Add privacy protection if you want.
  • C) See another options (variations) related to your domain name.
  • D) Register if you do not have an account OR Sign in if you have a GoDaddy account.

7) Check for AUTO RENEW option to be ON. (if not your domain name will NOT auto renew)
• Login to your GoDaddy account.
• Click on your Name – Top Right of page.
• Selecy “My products”.

• Under “Domains” list – select “Manage” – Right of page

• Go to Additional Settings and CHECK if Auto Renew IT IS ON.
• If not click on Turn Auto Renew On.

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