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One of the new features added with the release of iOS 6 (the operating system for your iPhone and iPad) is VIP mail. So How To setup VIP mail on your Iphone OR iPad?

VIP mail allows you to create settings that automatically routes mail from the persons you designate as “VIPs” into a special folder in your device’s Mail app.

Most people are flooded on a daily basis with a lot of email messages. Because of the higher nunber of messages some emails from persons most important to you can easily become lost. Therefore, designating this persons as VIPs and having their mail routed to specific folders can help reduce the chance that you may miss a message from them.

• First Open the Mail App.
• Next check if VIP it is enabled.
• If not click on Edit (Top right of display).

• Further enable VIP and select Done.

• Tap the arrow on the right side of the VIP item

• Click on Add VIP.

• Select the VIP from your Contacts list. The person must already exist in your Contacts list. If not, exit the VIP list, add the person as a Contact, and then return to the VIP list to add them as a VIP.

All Done!.

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