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setup Different
sounds for multiple
email accounts

If you are into customizing your iPhone or iPad, you’ll be happy to hear that you can pick the sound iOS Mail plays when new email arrives in your inbox.

To setup Different sounds for multiple email accounts can be a smart option when you want to acknowledge what account just received a new email WITHOUT opening your IPhone or IPad.

With iOS Mail, you can have one sound for regular emails, another for messages, and yet another for Thread Notifications.

Start by going to Settings

• Next Select Notifications

• Furthermore click on Mail

• Enable Allow Notifications and select the account from your email accounts list below.

• Next click on Sounds.

• On this step you can choose the sound that you want to use for the selected account.

Repet the steps above for all your email accounts you want to customize.

Another customization will be to Assign a Different Sound to VIP Senders

People you have identified as VIP senders can be assigned a different sound to distinguish them from other email senders.
To setup this option please navigate to How To setup VIP mail post and follow the steps presented there.

All Done!

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