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To PARTITION a HDD or SSD you will have to use a Partition Manager software.

Note: If your New SSD it is not displayed under Windows please see here

Before starting ANY WORK -- BACKUP ALL YOUR DATA!! --

There are a lot of Partition software out there but I am recommending the Mini Tool Partition Wizard

Also available as Free Edition.

The advantage – you can extend a partition no matter if the UNALLOCATED space is on the left or on the right off the partition you want to extend.

• Download and install the Mini Tool Partition Wizard.

• Click on Mini Tool Partition Wizard Free.

• After the program launch you will should be able to see all the drivers connected to your computer (HDD, SSD, USB).

• To schedule a task for a Disk – Right click on Disk (1).
• To schelule a task on a Partition – Right click on Partition you want to change (2)

DO NOT FORGET TO CLICK APPLY button (top left of window) before to close the program.

• For additional help on how to use Mini Tool Partition Wizard please see the FAQ and the Manual Links (top right of page).

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