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Every time you restart the computer have to press NUMLOCK to activate your numeric keypad?

Is that annoying?
Here is a nice solution to fix this: Enable Numlock on Win 10.

You can watch the video below OR scroll down to see the step by step instructions.

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1) Press Win + R OR
1 a) Go to START button (left bottom of display) click it and type Run. Select the run app.

2) Type regedit and press OK.

3) Click Yes on the next window.

4) On the Left Column of Registry Editor look for HKEY_USERS / .DEFAULT / Control Panel / Keyboard and select Keyboard.

5) On the Right column of Registry Editor look for InitialKeyboardIndicators.

6) Double Click on it. Check the Value data field.
– if you have 0 replace with 2
– if you have 2147483648 replace with 2147483650

7) Click OK, close Registry Editor and Restart you computer.

NOTE: To disable the numeric keyboard after reboot will will have to follow the same STEPS 1 to 5.

Double Click on it. Check the Value data field.
– if you have 2 replace with 0
– if you have 2147483650 replace with 2147483648

All Done!
After rebooting your computer / laptop you will not have to activate (or deactivate) your numeric keyboard anymore.

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